Zoning Department

The mission of the Bradford County Zoning Department is to serve the residents of the county in a prompt and courteous manner through impartial and reasonable enforcement of zoning and land use regulations. For more specific information on the Zoning Department's services please click one of the links below. If you need to email the zoning dept about questions or submit a zoning app please do so at Zoning@bradfordcountyfl.gov

If you are looking for a zoning information for Lawtey, Brooker or Hampton you should contact their local zoning departments. Their phone numbers are...

  • Lawtey Zoning Department: (904) 782-3454
  • Brooker Zoning Department: (352) 485-1022
  • Hampton Zoning Department: (352)468-1201
  • Starke Zoning Department: (904) 368-1332

This Zoning Dept is responsible for all other areas in Bradford County.

There are currently NO impact fees!