Transport Infrastructure

"Our mission is to provide service to the resident’s of Bradford County expeditiously and as efficiently as possible."


Drainage ditches provide a means for controlling the direction of the flow of storm water and help to prevent flooding. Ditches are maintained by excavation or the removal of overgrown vegetation.

 Mowing / Litter Control

Our mowers start in early spring and go until the fall. We use two mowing tractors, running every day. 

 Road Maintenance

BradfordCounty has approximately 319 miles of county maintained roads. Some are paved, others are dirt, lime rock, etc. With weather permitting, there is always at least one (1) grader on the needed roads. We try to keep all roads well maintained by pulling ditches as much as possible. On our paved roads all potholes are repaired when reported or spotted on our routine inspections. The weather is a major factor in road maintenance.

 Sign Design & Installation

Our sign design and installation team consist of two employees. Their goal is to install and maintain all road and informational signs to assure the safety of the public.