Public Records Requests

The official policy of Bradford County is that providing public records is a service!


When you make a public records request we will acknowledge your request and may provide one or more of the following initial responses:

• A statement that we have initiated a search for responsive records.

• An inquiry to clarify the scope of the request when more information is necessary to initiate a search

• A statement that the contacted agency does not have the records requested

• Referral to the proper custodian of the requested records

• An estimate of time required to fulfill the request

• An estimate of fees associated with processing the request


- Making your request:

Although the Public Records Act does not require that requests be submitted in writing, doing so provides real practical benefits to you as the requestor. The benefits include eliminating uncertainty about what was sought and when. In fact, to make doubly sure a request is received, submit the same request two ways:, by U.S. Mail and email. Keep in mind however that if you choose to put your request in writing the request itself becomes a public record.

- Ask to inspect unfamiliar or voluminous records:

The Public Records Act provides a statutory right to inspect records, not just to obtain copies. Do not be too quick to reject the inspection option, particularly if the responsive records are voluminous or unfamiliar. It may be that you can save money, obtain a quick response, and understand the information you are seeking better by inspecting originals before requesting copies.

- Ask for assistance!

There are many agencies in local government. Some are wholly independent of the records you are requesting. Contact the agency you believe to have the information you need and ask for their help. You do not have to give you name and you do not have to give any explanation why you want the record. Ask the agency you contact to assist in directing you to the correct office that may have the records you are looking for. All departments and agencies should provide this assistance.


For Official Records Request Please Contact The Clerk's Office By Clicking Here.


Public Records Requests


Mail: Public Records Request RMLO

P.O. Drawer B

Starke, Florida 32091