ISO Ratings

Let’s Talk ISO Ratings         

Who or what is ISO? Insurance Services Office Inc. is a provider of data, underwriting and risk management (with special focus on community fire-protection efforts and Building Code Effectiveness Evaluation) to property-casualty insurers and other clients.

Disasters can occur anywhere, and they often occur when we least expect them. For more info about the ISO click HERE

Bradford County residents can expect to receive one of the following three Public Protection Classifications:


Class 5:  Properties located both within 5 travel miles of a fire station and 1,000' of a fire hydrant.


Class 9: Properties located within 5 travel miles of a fire station, but outside of 1,000' of a fire hydrant.


Class 10: Properties located outside of 5 travel miles distance from a fire station. This does not meet ISO’s minimum facility requirement.


To see if you qualify for one of these classes please contact Fire Prevention 904-966-6223 Ex 4