Fire Prevention & Inspections

The Bradford County Fire Prevention Office is located at  945 N. Temple Ave, Starke. Inside the Building & Zoning Dept.   Bradford Fire Prevention is customer orientated, devoted to reducing the losses due to fire, explosions and dangerous conditions. To achieve this goal the Fire Prevention Office is active in public education, plan review, annual inspections, community planning and community risk reduction.


Fire Prevention Codes/Standards:

The Fire Prevention Department enforces the Fla. Fire Prevention Code 

All NFPA codes and standards can be viewed at the State Fire Marshall This site will also help you with information to keep you and your family safe.


Remember you can submit applications on line, in person or by mail. 

Building Zoning & Fire Prevention

945- F N. Temple Ave

Starke Fl. 32091

904-966-6202 or 904-966-6223 Ex 2