Fire Applications & Change of Occupancy

Required Permit Applications From YOU.

  • When you are renting a commercial building, space in a strip mall or have purchased a new commercial business you will have to fill out the Change in Occupancy or Occupant Application and submit it to our department. Once your done with the application please bring it into our office along with a rental agreement and or deed so we can meet you and understand what your business is all about! There are requirements you must meet to open up a business and for it to pass inspections. Please review CO check list.
  • If you are a business that needs annual fire/life safety inspection please fill out the Inspection Application and submit it to our dept. We will contact you to set up a day and time to come out.
  • Any Food Truck owners wanting to sell,  please contact our office to set up an inspection. This goes for any festivals. All Food Trucks need inspected. Food Truck Safety Checklist 
  • Open Burn permits you must call the Florida Forest Service at phone number 386-243-6243 to receive a permit to burn.
  • Smoke Alarm Application which is the Mayor's Home Fire Safety Program through the installation of FREE smoke alarms for any resident living in Bradford County.  If you are in need of smoke alarms please fill out the form and submit it.