Site / Plan Review & Inspections

Site & Building Plan Review

Note: A new Commercial plan review may take up to 3 weeks for just the Fire Marshal  review.  

The initial review will consist of a life safety review based on the current edition of the Florida Fire Prevention Code.  A general life safety review will consist of means of egress and related issues, paths of travel, general building layout, fire walls and separation, fire department access and location of fire hydrants and any required fire system. Requirements for egress, suppression systems, fire alarm systems and general fire safety issues are to be addressed prior to issuing a building permit.  This is to include all storage information; i.e., racking systems, material handling, all methods and arrangement of warehouse storage areas and any special hazards areas. The designated Engineer of Record (EOR) for Fire Protection is responsible to gather and present ALL information for fire protection at this state of review. Failure to comply will result in a delay of the Certificate of Occupancy. The EOR is for fire protection systems and NOT just fire sprinklers. The design of the next phase of review and the time for review is dependent on this information. For buildings equipped with a fire sprinkler system, the Owner’s Information Certificate is to be filled out and submitted with the initials submittal. Smoke control system calculations and layout are to be included in this phase.  This is to include alarm system interface and sequence of operation.

If all relevant information is not supplied, expect a delay in issuance of required permit.


Inspection's from the Fire Marshal

  • Yearly inspections of schools, day cares, apartment buildings, and nursing homes for properly working fire alarms/sprinklers, and any hazards.
  • Inspection of fuel tank installations, fairs, carnivals, festivals, firework displays, and tents for temporary use for functions/events.


If you have already received permits back from the building dept. for a new site/commercial building and you need to schedule an inspection with the Fire Marshal

 please call 904-966-6223 Ex1  one business day BEFORE you need the inspection