Contractor Registration & Licensing

Information for contractors...

If you are a  State Registered Contractor  and  registered with another county, you may seek your reciprocity with us. Fill out the Registered Contractor form and provide the documents listed on the form.

If you are a State Certified Contractor please fill out the State Certified Contractor form and provide the documents listed on the form.  

Both forms can be found here in the Building Forms folder.

NOTE: If this is your first time registering with us, the CONTRACTOR holding the license to the company or the registered agent on the Sunbiz account, (not the power of attorney) we ask you please drop off the paperwork yourself. If this is an issue, please call our office. 


Information for property owners...

Choosing a contractor can be a troublesome process. Here are a few tips that should steer you towards a good contractor that can complete your project safely and legally.

  • When choosing a contractor you should...
    • Ask to see his/her license and call the Bradford County Building Department to verify the status and insurance.
    • Verify references from past customers.
    • Check with the Bradford County Building Department, local Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau for any complaints.
    • Beware of alleged contractors who ask to be paid in cash or ask for large payments up front.
  • After you choose a contractor you should...
    • Make sure your contractor obtains a permit and posts it on the front of the property.
    • Do not make final payment until all "job finals" are signed off on the permit placard. You may call our office to make sure the finals were done.
    • Make sure your contractor provides you with copies of lien waivers from his subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Beware of unlicensed contractors especially...
    • If you are planning to build any type of construction on your home or have work done that requires a building permit. Take care to select a qualified person to perform the work. Under state and local ordinances, any person you hire under contract (verbal or written) to perform construction on your property MUST be a licensed contractor. The contractor must be state certified or registered. All printed advertising material such as business cards, newspaper ads, and telephone book ads must have his or her state license number.
    • If anyone asks you to obtain the building permit as the "owner/builder", this may indicate that they themselves are not properly licensed to obtain the permit.
    • Also, beware of people that claim that you will save quite a bit of money by not obtaining a permit. A permit will only lead to compliance with the appropriate building codes, these are only minimum requirements.
    • Unlicensed contractors may not have insurance coverage. Any injury that occurs on your property may be claimed against your insurance.