Solid Waste FAQ's

  1. Who can use the Bradford County collection sites?
    The Bradford County Recycling and Solid Waste Collection Centers are for use by Bradford County residents only. (Only allowed 1 load per day)
  2. How do I show that I am a Bradford County resident?
    You can show the site attendant one of the following: A Solid Waste Special Assessment receipt for the current year; or A Bradford County Voter’s Registration card; or A driver’s license showing your address.
  3. Is yard trash accepted?
    Yes, yard trash can be brought to the collection sites, limbs and branches can’t be more than six inches in diameter or over four feet in length. Leaves and Grass MUST BE BAGGED and PUT IN OPEN TOP (ONLY 1 LOAD PER DAY).  No Other Trash Allowed on the Ground.
  4. Are there recycle bins?
    Yes, we have a recycle program. There are separate recycle bins for: 1: Cardboard 2: Aluminum Cans 3: News Papers
  5. We are remodeling our home, can we bring the old lumber to any of the collection sites in Bradford County?
    • Bradford County Residents may use any collection site for a limited amount of construction materials, (No concrete or shingles).
    • Absolutely No Commercial Companies. Only One Pick-Up Truck or Small Trailer (8'x5'x3') Load per Day.
  6. I have old tires I need to dispose of, can I take them to the collection site?
    Yes, residents are allowed to drop off up to five tires (without rims) monthly from automobiles or pickup trucks at the collection sites. However oversized tires like those from tractors and other farm equipment must be taken to New River Regional landfill.
  7. How much household garbage can I bring to the collection site?
    Only 10 Cans or 30 Bags per day nothing more. All trash must be bagged or in a can, no loose trash or cleaning loose trash from vehicles.
  8. What items can I take to the collection sites?
    • HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE – such as table scraps, food wrappers, and similar materials.
    • YARD TRASH – such as limbs, branches, leaves, and grass. Limbs may not be over six inches in diameter or over four feet in length. Leaves and grass must be bagged.
    • GENERAL RESIDENTIAL DEBRIS – such as small furniture, lumber no longer than four foot in length, fence post, and empty paint cans. All Large Items MUST GO TO New River Solid Waste on 121. TIRES – from an automobile or pickup truck, but not more than five tires in any given month.
    • WHITE GOODS AND METAL – such as stoves, refrigerators, and similar items.
    • RECYCLABLE MATERIALS – such as aluminum and steel (tin), newsprint (not slick magazine type) and Cardboard.
  9. What items are not accepted at the collection sites?
    Materials not accepted are: Large furniture (Couches and mattresses larger than a queen; only one mattress per day is allowed), hazardous waste, old computers, used motor oil, burn barrels, concrete, asphalt shingles, automobile gas tanks, gas cylinders with the top still on, 55 gallon drums or other containers larger than 5 gallons.
  10. Where can these materials be taken?
    Used motor oil can be taken to the Old Lawtey Road site. All other materials must be taken to the New River Regional landfill on State Road 121 two miles north of State Road 16. You should first call the landfill at 386-431-1000 to determine how these items must be prepared for disposal.
  11. Does the Solid Waste Department provide pick up service?
    No, You can contact Bradford Garbage Service at (904)-964-6167