Tentative Work Schedule

September 30. 2021


Work in the NE section consists of Hauling 2 loads of dirt and 2 loads of Limerock to Lawtey Correctional Institute, Mow ROW on NE 219th St. and Finish installing and dressing up Crossover pipes and Headwalls on NE 17th Ave.


Work in the NW section consists of Grading NW 57th Pl. and NW 203rd and Patching Pot Holes on NW 219th St. off of NW CR 225


Work in the SE section consists of Grading SE 31st, SE 50th and SE 51st, Picking up tree debris on SE 43rd St. and SE CR 100A and Mowing SE CR 325, SE CR 18 and SE 81st St. (Theressa Ballfield)


Work in the SW section consists of Grading SW 106th and SW 85th and Picking up tree debris on SW 132nd Ave,



We received 2 DOC (BCSO-JAIL) Officers with a total of 4 Inmates


1 Squad with 2 Inmates will be assisting with finishing installing Crossover pipes and Headwalls and dressing up on NE 17th Ave.


1 Squad with 2 Inmates will be Weed eating on SE 139th