Tentative Work Schedule

April 30, 2019


Work in the NE section consists of Grading NE 204th and Mowing NE CR 125 and Starke Golf & Country Club area


Work in the NW section consists of Grading NW 205th and NW 178th Loop and Mowing NW R 225A


Work in the SE section consists of Installing a culvert on SE 28th Ave., Cutting slope and Chipping and Trimming trees on SE 23rd Ave. ditch, Grading SE 44th, SE 58th Pl and SE 125th 


Work in the SW section consists of Grading & Packing SW 106th Ave., Trimming trees on SW 132nd Ave., Grading SW 155th, Mowing SW CR 237 starting in the extreme South end of the county and heading North.



We received 3 DOC Squads for a total of 14 people 


1 Squad will be Chipping debris on SE 23rd Ave. and Trimming and Chipping trees on SW 132nd Ave.


! Squad will be Picking up trash and weed eating on NE CR 125


1 Squad will be directing traffic for Installing a culvert on SE 28th Ave.