Tentative Work Schedule

Sept. 6, 2018



Work in the NE section consists of Pushing up trash pile for the City of Starke at NE 19th Ave. and Patch pot holes on NE 216th St.


Work in the NW section consists of building up and limerocking NW 105th, Pull ditches on NW 74th Ave., Patch pot holes on NW 219th St., Trim trees and limbs on Market Road and Move equipment to NW 41st to start pulling ditches


Work in the SE section consists of Mowing SE 49th Ave. and go down CR 18 toward SE CR 325


Work in the SW section consists of Grading SW 66th then head down 18 toward Crystal Lake Homesites



We received 3 DOC Squads for a total of 18 people


1 Squad will be patching pot holes on NW 219th St.


1 Squad will be cleaning out and Mowing a ditch on SE 4th


1 Squad will be Trimming trees and limbs on Market Road