Tentative Work Schedule

October 24, 2018


Work in the NW section consists of Grading NW 261st, 267th, NW 41st, 35th & 209th, Pull ditches on NW 75th Ave., Pull ditches on NW 84th Ave., Dig ditch on NW 53rd Ave. and Mow NW CR 229


Work in the SW section consists of Repairing ruts around the driveway and around mailbox with limerock at 14929 SW CR 231, Patch pot holes on SW CR 227, Add limerock to ditch on SW 155th, Zip and add Clay to SW 101st Ave., Mow SW 144th Ave & SW 151st Ave. and Install culvert extension at the  intersection of SW 132nd Ave. and SW 179th.



We received 3 DOC Squads for a total of 20 people.


1 Squad will be assisting with repairing ruts around the driveway and mailbox at 14929 SW CR 231


1 Squad will be Weed eating the ditch on NW 185th starting at NW 84th Ave. and going to the dairy then Patching Pot Holes on SW CR 227 


1 Squad will be directing traffic for pulling ditches on NW 84th Ave.