Work Schedule


Work in the NE consists of Mowing and Filling in the cut out on NE 17th Ave


Work in the NW consists of Grading, Patching pot holes and Cutting, Trimming and Chipping


Work in the SE consists of Pulling ditches and adding Enzynes and Grading


Work in the SW consists of Grading, Pulling ditches & Milling a road, Cutting, Trimming, Chipping and Cutting and Trimming limbs with the Buzz Blade



We received 3 DOC Squads for a total of 17 people.


1 Squad will be assisting with the Cutting, Trimming and Chipping in SW & NW


1 Squad will be picking up trash, mowing and weed eating in the SE


1 Squad will be weed eating and edging the sidewalks in Brooker



1 Squad from The Transition House (3 people) will be patching pot holes in the SW