Tentative Work Schedule

September 28, 2020


Work in the NE section consists of Grading NE 204th St.


Work in the NW consists of Trimming ROW on NW 198th St. and Mowing NW CR 125 and NW 22nd Ave.


Work in the SE section consists of Opening up culverts and Cleaning out ditch on SE 87th St.


Work in the SW section consists of Grading SW 160th Ave., SW 155th Ave. and SW 136th St., Prepping SW 106th Ave. for Spraying, Mowing & Chipping limbs on SW CR 231 (Dedan Loop) and Keeping limbs and debris off of the road for the Tree Trimmer on SW CR 18



We received 2 DOC Squads for a total of 8 people  


Both Squads will be assisting with Chipping on SW CR 231 (Dedan Loop)