Tentative Work Schedule

December 11, 2018



Work in the NW section consists of Adding materials and working them into milling and Grading it out on NW 185th St., Grading  roads off NW CR 125, off of NW CR 235, NW 75th, NW 71st & 193rd, Mowing NW 55th Ave. with the Side Arm Mower, Patching pot holes and driveways at the intersection of NW CR 125 and 261st St., NW 37th off of Morgan Road, 5121 NW 188th Ter., 22962 NW 27th Ave., 19690 NW 66th Ave., 6835 NW CR 233 & 4706 NW 177th St. and Patch pot holes at 19400 NW 66th Ave. off NW Cr 233 & 19072 NW 51st Ave


Work in the SE section consists of Filling in a hole and Grading SE 140th St.


Work in the SW section consists of Digging a ditch on Edwards Road



We received 3 DOC Squads for a total of 15 people


1 Squad will be patching driveways in the NW section


1 Squad will be Picking up trash and Weed eating NE 173rd St. & NE 28th Ave.


1 squad will be Picking up trash and digging a ditch on Edwards Road