Tentative Work Schedule

October 15, 2018


Work in the NE section consists of NE 19th Ln., NE 19th Ave., NE 12th Ave.


Work in the NW section consists of Adding limerock to the intersection of NW CR 225 & NW 75th Ave.and  Pull ditches on NW 75th Ave., Scoop the ditch at 6565 & 6573 NW CR 125, Mow NW CR 225 & NW CR 229 and Patch a driveway at 10069 NW CR 225 and Pot holes on NW 224th St.


Work in the SE section consists of Patching Pot holes at the intersection of SE 50th St. & SE CR 21B


Work in the SW section consists of Mowing SW 160th St., SW 155th Ave. and then heading down SW CR 18 toward 301 with the Side Arm and Mowing SW 75th Ave.



We received 1 DOC Squad for a total of 3 people.  We will not be getting 2 DOC Squads for approximately (only get 1 Squad of about 3 people) 1 month per DOC.


1 Squad will be directing traffic for Scooping the ditch at 6565 & 6573 NW CR 125