Work Schedule

Work to be performed in NE section of the County: Pull ditches on 173rd St., Work to be performed in NW section of County: Pull Ditches on CR 229, Grade, Mow, Work to be performed in SE section of County: Zip SE 5th Ave., Weed eat guardrails on SE 21st Ave. & SE CR Grade and Mow. We received 3 DOC Squads for a total of 20 inmates. One squad will Weed eat & Mow around Bridges & Crossover pipes on SW CR 18, 227 & 225 and One Squad will Weed eat and Mow ditches on NE 14th Ave. in Lawtey and the third Squad will work traffic on NW CR 229. We received 3 people from the Transition House and they will work on patching a driveway in the NW section then go to SW section to patch driveways.