Tentative Work Schedule

March 20, 2019


Work in the NW section consists of Digging the ditch on NW 53rd Ave. 


Work in the SE section consists of Installing a culvert at SE 129th St and Patching driveways at 3370 SE SE 136th St., 12076 SE 21st Ave. & 12064 SE 21st Ave.                                                         


Work in the SW section consists of Adding limerock & Grading Six Mile Cutoff, Grading roads off of SW 101st and SW 83rd (County Maintained portion), Installing a culvert on SW 80th Pl. and Patching shoulders and troughs on SW CR 18



We received 3 DOC Squads for a total of 16 people


1 Squad will be Patching Driveways at 3370 SE 136th St., 12076 SE 21st Ave & 12064 SE 21st Ave.


1 Squad will be


1 Squad will be Traffic Control for installing culverts on SW 80th Pl. and SE 129th St.