Tentative Work Schedule


August 21, 2018


Work in the NW section consists of Limerocking NW 41st Ave. and NW 132nd, Pulling ditches on NW 71st, Digging ditches and hauling off dirt on NW 53rd and Blowing out culverts on NW 71st and NW 84th 


Work in the SE section consists of Grading all roads of SE CR 18, Patching pot holes on SE 52nd and Blowing out culverts on SE 142nd


Work in the SW section consists of Scooping ditches at corner of SW CR 18 and SW CR 225A and also at SW CR 18 by SW 92nd towards bridge


We received 1 Bradford County Jail crew of 3 people and they will be performing traffic control for scooping ditches on SW CR 18