Tentative Work Schedule

December 12, 2023


Work in the NE section consists of Grading NE 247th St. and Carter Road and Loading and Hauling off Debris and Dirt from Fairgrounds


Work in the NW section consists of Patching Pot Holes on NW 180th St. and NW 75th St. and Cleaning up the Dirt Pile and Movimg the Dirt around at the Market Road Pit


Work in the SE section consists of Grading SE 94th St., SE 42nd St., SE 5th and SE 11th Ave. and Mowing Shoulders on SE 49th Ave.


Work in the SW section consists of Grading SW 132nd Ave.



We received 2 DOC (BCSO-JAIL) Officers and 2 Inmates 


1 Officer will be Showing around and Training the new Maintenance Director


1 Officer and 2 Inmates will be Weed Eating the Government Surplus site then will be Picking Up Trash and Weed Eating  around Guardrails on SW CR 18 between SW CR 227 and Brooker and on SW CR 225A