Tentative Work Schedule

September 24, 2020


Work in the NE consists of Cleaning out ditches on NE 227th St. and Grading SE 125th St.


Work in the NW section consists of Grade NW 38th, NW 41st (NW CR 225 to NW 216th) & NW 44th


Work in the SE section consists of SE 125th St.


Work in the SW section consists of Grading and Pull ditches SW 160th Ave., SW 155th St. & SW 136th St.,  Spraying SW 106th Ave., Mow SW CR 18 & SW CR 231 (Dedan Loop), Trim ROW on SW CR 231 (Dedan Loop) Chip limbs and tree debris on SW CR 231 (Dedan Loop) and Keep tree debris off road for Tree Trimmer on SW CR 225A & SW CR 18



We did not receive any DOC Squads today.