Tentative Work Schedule

July 9, 2019


Work in the NE section consists of Mowing NE 17th, NE 1154th and Starke Golf and Country Club


Work in the NW section consists of Grading NW 41st Ave., NW 228th (off of NW 27th), NW 127th Ave. and Whitehead Settlement, Remove tree and Mow ditch on NW CR 225 (Lyons Ditch), Mow NW 44th Ave., Pleasant Grove area and the Ponds at the Library


Work in the SE section consists of Patching Pot Holes on SE 52nd St


Work in the SW section consists of Grading SW 160th Ave., roads off SW CR 235, SW 168th St and SW 132nd Ave. and Load and Haul off dirt at the Brooker Community Center



We received 2 DOC Squads for a total of 9 people


1 Squad will be Mowing and Weed Eating the ponds at the Library


1 Squad will be Cleaning out the (Wood) ditch on NW 61st Ave (off NW 200th St)