Work Schedule




Work in NE section consists of Pulling ditches on NE 12th Ave. & 173rd St., Scooping ditch and Traffic control on NE 153rd St. and Grading


Work in NW section consists of Grading & Mowing


Work in SE section consists of Zipping SE 16th St. and Mowing


Work in SW section consists of Chipping debris on SW CR 227 & SW CR 18 then going to NE 153rd St. for traffic control




We received 2 DOC squads for a total of 14 people 


1 squad will be weed eating, trimming trees & digging a ditch on NE 160th St.


1 squad will be weed eating Bridges, Guardrails & Crossover pipes on SE CR18 towards SR 100 then going to SE CR 21B and SE 8th Ave. doing the same


1 squad (from the Transition House) will be working on building a headwall so it won't washout on SE 66th St.