Work Schedule



Work in the NE section consists of Pulling ditches on NE 173rd St. & NE 12th Ave. and  Scooping ditches on NE 153rd St.


Work in the NW section consists of Repairing a washout on NW 198th St., Grading and Mowing shoulders of the roads


Work in the SE section consists of Scooping one (1) spot on SE 11th Ave., Trimming limbs on SE CR 21B near Country Caterers and Mowing SE CR 18 towards 301 and Brooker



We received 3 DOC squads for a total of 20 people.


1 squad to Weed Eat in NE section (NE 213th St.)


1 squad to Weed Eat Bridges, Guardrails & Crossover pipes on SE CR 21B & SE 8th Ave.


1 squad to handle traffic control on NE 153rd St.


1 squad from Transition House (3 people)  to Build a headwall on SE 66th St. and Patching a driveway on SE 46th Loop