Tentative Work Schedule

Work in  the NE section consists of Filling in holes and Patching the driveway at 1695 NE 162nd St. and Trimming trees and brush at R/R tracks on NE 247th, NE 204th, NE 185th & Carter Road


Work in the NW section consists of Scooping a ditch on NW CR 235 all  the way to the outfall ditch, Pull ditches on NW 212th, Patch pot hole in Pizza Hut parking lot (our Annex) and Dig out ditch on NW 53rd Ave.


Work in the SE section consists of Mowing SE 26th, SE 136th Loop & SE 129th 



We received 3 DOC Squads for a total of 16 people


1 Squad will be patching 2 driveways and filling in holes on NE 162nd St


1 Squad will be weed eating and Mowing in Conerly Estates then Trimming trees in the NE section around R/R tracks (NE 247th, NE 204th, NE 185th & Carter Road


1 Squad will be performing traffic control for Scooping ditch on NW CR 235