Tentative Work Schedule

September 13, 2018


Work in the NW section consists of LImerocking NW 80th Ave., Finish Crossover culvert work on NW 216th, Pull ditches on NW 41st and NW 137th 

Dig ditch on NW 53rd Ave., Dig out ends & Blow out culverts on NW 203rd, Mow NW 177th, 216th and Market Road, Mow NW 212th, 44th, 41st, 38th, and 233rd with the Side Arm Mower and patch pot holes on NW 105th


Work in the SE section consists of Grading off SE 57th (Immokalee Road)


Work in the SW section consists of Patching pot holes SW 232nd and SW CR 225A



We received 3 DOC Squads for a total of 16 people



1 Squad will be Picking up trash and Weed Eating on Market Road (Start at 301 and go West), (Pleasant Grove area) NW 177th and  NW CR 233


1 Squad will be working to finish Crossover pipes on NW 216th


1 Squad will be Patching pot holes on SW 232nd, SW CR 225A and NW 105th