Tentative Work Schedule


Work in the NW section consists of Installing culverts at 22668 NW 41st Ave. & 19516 NW 45th Ave., Pull ditches on NW 205th, Scoop ditch on NW CR 125, Mow on NW CR 125, 225A, 225, 229 and Side Arm Mower on NW 56th and 55th.


Work in the SE section consists of Continue to Mill SE 66th St and Install culvert on 1404 SE CR 21B


Work in the SW section consists of Installing a culvert at 10047 SW 80th Pl., Patch pot holes on SW CR 325


We received 3 DOC Squads for a total of 16 people


1 Squad will be patching pot holes on SW CR 325


1 Squad will be picking up trash and weed eating NW CR 229 A, 225 A & NW CR 125


1 Squad will be directing traffic for installing culverts at 22668 NW 41st Ave., 19516 NW 45th Ave., 1404 SE CR 21B and 10047 SW 80th Pl.