Tentative Work Schedule

February 26, 2020


Work in the NW section consists of Grading NE 238th, NW 25th & NW 228th, Lower a culvert on NW 22nd Ave. and Patch troughs on NW CR 233 ND NW 216th St.


Work in the SW section consists of Grading & getting SW 101st Ave. ready to Fog Seal, Grading SW 75th Pl., SW 82nd Ave. & SW 66th Lane and Mowing SW CR 231, SW 237th then SW CR 231 (Dedan Loop)



We received 3 DOC Squads for a total of 13 people


1 Squad will be Picking up trash and Weed eating on SE 8th Ave. and SE CR 21B


1 Squad will be assisting with patching troughs NW CR 233 and NW 216th St.


1 Squad will be directing for traffic lowering culvert on NW 22nd Ave.