Work Schedule


Work in NE section consists of Pulling ditches on NE 12th Ave. & 173rd St and Weed eating NE 15th Pl.


Work in NW section consists of Grading, Mowing and Ditch work on NW CR 229


Work in SE section consists of Zipping SE 5th Ave., SE 16th St., SE 16 Way, Mowing and Grading


Work in SW section consists of Cutting up and chipping tree that fell over the bridge in Graham


We received 3 DOC squad for a total of 16 people

1 squad worked on building a parking pad at the Bradford High School Football field then to weed eat ditches in the NE section

1 squad will weed eat around guardrails and ditches and edge the sidewalk on SW CR 18

1 squad will handle traffic control on NW CR 229


1 Squad from the Transition House ( 3 people) will patch pot holes on NW 37th Ave. and on SE 66th St.