Tentative Work Schedule


July 25, 2018


Work in the NE section consists of Building headwalls and filling in on 2 driveways on NE 154th St. and Digging a ditch on NE 14th Ave.


Work in the NW section consists of Building up NW 41st Ave., Patching a driveway at 6057 NW 216th St., Cut & Chip trees on NW 219th St. and Grading NW 36th Ave.


Work in the SE section consists of Digging ditches in Lincoln City, Pull ditches on SE 38th Ave. and Add limerock to SE 59th St.


Work in the SW section consists of Zipping SW 101st Ave., Grading SW 163rd St., Installing a culvert and dig the ditch at SW CR 225A and Take down trees at SW CR 227 & SW CR 18



We received 3 DOC Squads for a total of 13 people


1 Squad will be patching 2 driveways and building headwalls on NE 154th St. and Patching a driveway at 6057 NW 216th St


1 Squad will be Cutting and Chipping trees on NW 2129th St. and SW CR 227 & SW CR 18


1 Squad will be directing traffic on SW CR 225A, patching pot holes on NW 124th Ave. and Patching pot holes on SE 21st Ave.