County Manager

County Manager, Scott Kornegay, is the administrative head of the county and is responsible for the administration of all departments of the county government over which the Board of County Commissioners has authority pursuant to Florida law.  The County Manager is appointed by and is directly accountable to the Board of County Commissioners.  The County Manager is responsible for implementing and executing the policies, ordinances and budget adopted by the Board; and directly oversees the management and operations of numerous departments of county government to ensure the county operates efficiently and effectively.


Scott Kornegay is a lifelong public servant and a veteran of the US Air Force and Florida Air National Guard. He retired from the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department with nearly 24 years of service. Scott is the former city manager at the City of Keystone Heights and most recently served as the Executive Director of the Lake Region Development Corporation. He holds a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of North Florida and earned a bachelor’s degree in public administration from Flagler College. Scott lives on Lake Santa Fe with his wife of 36 years, Diane and his bird dog, Lincoln.


Responsibilities of the County Manager's Office:

  • Implementation of policies adopted by the Board.
  • Negotiating, supervising and administering all county contracts.
  • Compiling information requested by the Board.
  • Providing leadership, direction and supervision to all county department heads.
  • Insuring county compliance with all federal, state and local rules and regulations.
  • Providing and maintaining facilities for all agencies as required by law.
  • Preparing and distributing the bimonthly agenda of the Board, as well as follow-up on actions taken by the Board at each meeting.