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The Bradford County Building and Zoning Department web site is part of our ongoing effort to make public information available quickly and easily to all who need it. On this site you will find information on building and zoning codes, fees, maps, forms, permits and more.

Bradford County Courthouse
Bradford County Courthouse
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Building and zoning codes and regulations can seem intimidating sometimes. But most of the time staying within the code is easier than you might think. Your Building and Zoning Department is put in place first and foremost to ensure public safety and they are a vital link in the chain for maintaining a prosperous and stable community.

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Are you looking for permit applications, building codes or zoning maps for Bradford County?
If so you've come to the right place! If you're not sure what you need check out our frequently asked questions page. On the other hand if know what you're looking for and just need to download the form or map then go to our downloads page for a quick view of all resources available for download on our site.

Would you like to take a look at a Bradford County Zoning, Land Use or Flood Zone map?
You don't have to download it if you don't want to, just view it online on the Zoning Maps page. Both the Zoning and Land Use maps are available to view in an easy to use, dynamically adjustable page. You may also view a FEMA Flood Zone map online as well.

Are you looking for census or population data?
You can find it at the U.S. Census Bureau's website! Just enter in the address and you can view the latest available census information.

Did you know you could find out your zoning classification online?
Well now you can! All you need is either the parcel number or the property owner's last name, then go to our Property Search page and perform the search!

Thinking of hiring a contractor to do some work on your property?
Then you should definitely take a look at our information for property owners on the Building Licensing page. Following these tips will help ensure you get your project completed safely and legally.































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